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Professional and Efficient! BCI&BIMC Joins Hands with the Longgang Court to Build a Commercial Mediation Studio

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In order to thoroughly implement the decisions and arrangements of central government to promote the modernization of social governance, give full play to the functions of the people’s courts and commercial mediation agencies, promote the connection between litigation and commercial mediation, and optimize the business environment, on July 2, Shenzhen Longgang District People’s Court (Longgang Court) and Benchmark Chambers International & Benchmark International Mediation Center (BCI&BIMC) signed the Cooperation Framework Agreement on Promoting the Construction of Diversified Commercial Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, and the BCI&BIMC’s Mediation Studio in the Longgang Court was unveiled on the same day.



TU Chaoqun, member of the Longgang Court Party Leadership Group and vice-president of the court, WAN Lihua, full-time member of the adjudication committee, Dr. XIAO Jingyi, BCI&BIMC’s executive president of council, LI Zhuoying, BCI&BIMC’s president of council, and ZENG Qiuhong, Member of Council of BCI&BIMC, attended the signing and unveiling ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by CHEN Chuanjiao, head of the case filing chamber of the Longgang Court.

TU Chaoqun, vice-president of the Longgang Court, said in his speech that deepening the reform of diversified dispute settlement mechanism is an important measure for the people's courts to deepen judicial reform and realize justice for the people, as well as an inevitable requirement for promoting social fairness and justice and maintaining social harmony and stability.

On August 1, 2019, the Opinions of the Supreme People's Court on the Construction of a One-stop Multiple Dispute Settlement Mechanism and One-stop Litigation Service Center was issued, proposing to improve the linkage and connection mechanism of multiple dispute resolution before litigation and give full play to the role of professional mediation and other pre-litigation dispute resolution.

As the grass-roots court with the largest jurisdiction area in Shenzhen, Longgang Court, centering on the goal of “settling cases and settling disputes”, focuses on promoting the construction of “one core and multiple” platform for litigation and mediation, vigorously promoting the formation of a large mediation work pattern, and striving to achieve the organic unification of legal, political and social effects.

Commercial mediation is a professional and characteristic work.

Longgang Court and BCI&BIMC signed a cooperation framework agreement, aiming to use the professional advantages of BCI&BIMC to create a new model of “professional mediation + professional trial” for commercial disputes in the Longgang Court, so as to realize the complementary advantages of both parties, provide professional, efficient and internationally compatible mediation services for the people and economic entities, better promote a harmonious and orderly law-based business environment, serve the overall situation of national strategic development, and jointly escort economic and social development.

LI Zhuoying, BCI&BIMC’s president of council, said in her speech that under the background of the reform of the diversion of the complex and simplified, it is of great significance to improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism for the governance of litigation sources and social harmony. For the cooperation between the two parties, BCI&BIMC is both honored and responsible.

Since its establishment in 2014, BCI&BIMC has made a lot of efforts and explorations within the scope of foreign law ascertainment and commercial mediation, and has been hired as a special mediation organization by many courts.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, BCI&BIMC actively participated in the mediation entrusted or appointed by the court, participated in the mediation of 300 commercial cases, successfully mediated more than 60 cases, and carried out diversified dispute resolution research and professional training based on the new needs of social governance.

In the future, BCI&BIMC will coordinate and cooperate with Longgang Court, continuously optimize the cooperation mode, further enrich and improve the diversified dispute resolution mechanism, establish a benign interactive long-term mechanism, and help create a more stable, fair and transparent business environment under the rule of law.


The Cooperation Framework Agreement sets forth the cooperation objectives, working principles, diversified dispute resolution scopes, work responsibilities, work contents and supporting guarantees of both parties. In the future, In the future, Longgang Court will work closely with BCI&BIMC, relying on technology and practice, to constantly enhance the influence of both parties in the field of commercial mediation, and provide wisdom and plans for Shenzhen to build a pilot demonstration zone of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

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