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Q: What makes BCI different from traditional law firms?

A: (1) BCI is a legal platform with BCI expert think-tank which provides targeted and customized one-stop legal service that reduce clients’ search costs. In this, BCI differentiate itself as an independent third party service provider from law firms;

(2) BCI has extensive cooperation with Chinese and foreign lawyers. Experienced lawyers are invited to join BCI expert think-tank under strict selection criteria. Since BCI operates as a platform, we pre-negotiate with the lawyers to obtain more favored service price;

(3) BCI Expert Pool has extensive source of experts. The Pool includes not only lawyers, but also legal academics from universities and professionals from other fields such as accountants, insurance practitioners, economists and so on:

(4) BCI makes great efforts to build up a platform of public legal services, making use of the advantages of Expert Pool, to provide think-tank services for policy making, decision demonstration and the drafting of public policy that affects the development of industry of government and other authorities.

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